Ski tour and freeride. Kamchatka  

Price: 84 000 rub/per person

Duration: 10 days.

Dates: April 10 - 19, 2018

Accommodation: small house, hotel

Group from 4 people

Service: All inclusive, except air travel and heli-ski. 

Transport: auto, snowmobile-sled, helicopter, dog sled. 

Group for 2018:

1) Lazo Vitaly (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) - guide, snow leopard, instructor in freeride and skitur.



10 days of Kamchatka nature, ski tour on the wild slopes of snow-covered volcanoes. We will go and ski in two regions, the Paratunka river valley, near the Viluchinsky volcano (4 days, area No.1) and the Avachinsky group of volcanoes, namely, Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes (4 days, area No.2). Drop of ascents / descents is up to 1800 m per day (or even up to 2500 m). 

Snowmobile transfer (approach) to the ski-tour area from the place of residence takes place either on a passenger sled or towing on a rope. 

Ski tour takes place in different regions and on different mountains, volcanoes at altitudes, up to 3500 m. In the first half of the tour, you will relax every day in the pool with thermal water, in one of the best lodge of Kamchatka – “Snow valley”, . Take the ascent to two volcanoes, Vilyuchinsky and Avachinsky volcano, 2741 m, one of the most active volcanoes of the peninsula and make a cool descent from their peaks. And possibly climb and ski Koryaksky volcano, 3456 m. Admire the Kamchatka nature, ride through the forest of rocky birches, and see the power of the Pacific ocean. 

In case of bad weather, we are flexible in choosing locations and slopes, we have much to offer! 

Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the area No.1, under the Vilyuchinsky volcano, to the base "Snow Valley", 60 km by truck. Accommodation in a comfortable base.Briefing. Preparation, equipment check. Walk around the neighborhood, easy ski tour. Swimming pool with thermal water, rest.Elevation: 200 m Skinning /skiing: 3 hours. 

Day 2. Short course on avalanche safety, 2 hours on the mountain. The course is an obligatory part of our program, conducted by ski guide certified by the CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association). Test climb / descent. After lunch, ski tour on the Goryachaya hill, 721 m.During the test ascent/ descent we determine the level of training of participants.Elevation: 500 m Skinning / skiing: 4 hours 

Day 3. Ski tour on the Barhatnaya hill, 870 m.This day we spend on the slopes of the Barhatnaya hills, the road to it passes through a cable crossing across the Paratunka River. We pass it with the use of climbing gear, it’s safe, but fun!. Further we make a ski tour in the Barhatnaya massive, in a good state of the group we make a descent (skiing) to the opposite side with an exit back to the “Snow Valley” base.Elevation: 600 -1000 м Skinning/skiing: 6 hours Approach on snowmobile: 1 hour 

Day 4. Ski tour on the Viluchinsky volcano. Climbing.A beautiful volcano of cone shape with numerous couloirs! Height above sea level is 2173 m. The ascent is technically not complicated, but requires the use of crampons and an ice axe (as a rule). From the top you can see the Pacific Ocean, the volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely, Opala, Asacha, as well as the Avachinsky group of volcanoes. Descent from the Vilyuchinsky volcano is interesting with a variety of the descending couloirs, it is almost always possible to find good snow. In the end of the day you’ll see a spectacular frozen water fall, 50 m high – amazing visiting card of Viluchinsky volcano.2/3 of the climb, and sometimes the entire volcano can be done on skis. However, in the upper part, when you reach the summit ridge, the slope is quite steep and you have to use crampons and an ice axe.Up to a height of 400-500 m you’re being taken to the foot of volcano and back to the base by a snowmobile, in tow.Ascent / Skiing: 1500/2000 m Duration: 8 hours Snowmobile ride: 1 hourIn the first part of the program (1 - 5 day), you can swim every day in the pool with hot thermal water - it is a real pleasure after a day of ski tour, freeride! 

Day 5. Heli-ski, full day (paid separately). Moving to area №.2, to bottom of the Avachinsky volcano.In the morning or the night before we go through the training, get Airbag (included in the cost) and from about 11:00 we begin heli-ski day! A full break on the slopes of volcanoes!-Minimum guaranteed number of descents: 4, with a total drop of 3500 m. Actually, 4-8 can be done, with a drop of 4000 m.In the evening we leave the base and move to area №.2, to bottom of the Avachinsky volcano.For those who don’t use heli-ski day: we leave the base in the morning and move to area №.2, and in the afternoon make a light ski tour on the Verblud (Camel) mountain. Rest.Transfer to the area №.2: 60 km by car and 20 km by snowmobile (sledge). A beautiful view of the Avachinsky valley, a huge Koryaksky volcano, Mount Verblud (Camel) - welcome to Avachinsky Pass!Heli-ski: the total drop to 7000 m Time: 5 - 6 hoursSki tour on the Verblud: 250 m drop Skinning/skiing: 1 - 2 hours 

Day 6. Ski tour on the pass (on the Avachinsky volcano).On this day, we organize a ski tour on the slopes of the Avachinsky volcano, making an ascent to the ancient spurs of the volcano. After lunch - preparation for the ascent/climbing to the volcano, checking, adjusting the gear, briefing.Elevation: 800 - 1000 m Skinning/skiing: 4 hours 

Day 7. Climbing on the Avachinsky volcano, 2741 m. Ski tour.Avachinsky volcano - the most beautiful volcano of Kamchatka, it is a pleasure to climb on it, and to ski is another, a drop of 1800 m!One of the most active volcanoes of the peninsula. Because of the ideal, smooth cone, surrounded by the remnants of an ancient volcano and constantly smoldering muzzle is a calling card of Kamchatka - very beautiful! Its activity doesn’t stop for a moment.Climbing is not technically difficult, but requires skills of use of crampons (we practice one day before). The climb is not steep, quite comfortable, but in the upper part, on the cone, firn - hard snow and sastrugi are possible. At the top of the sulfur fields, fumaroles - an active manifestation of volcanic activity. Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, valleys and other volcanoes.Elevation: 1800 м Climbing/skiing: 7-8 hours 

Day 8. Weather day. Ski tour on the pass (on the Koryaksky volcano).In case of bad weather this day is a backup for the ascent of the volcano Avachinsky. In case of good weather and successful ascent of Day 7, we conduct an easy ski tour on the slopes of Koryaksky volcano.Elevation: 400 -1000 м Skinning/skiing: 4 hoursSpecial offer:This day is possible to climb Koryaksky volcano, 3456 m! Elevation is 2500 m. Technically it is more difficult in comparison with Avachinsky and requires good physical and technical skills from climber/skier!The climbing gear must be used during Koryaksky climbing: crampons, Ice axe, Harness, rope etc. Koryaksky climbing cost: 300 eur/pers. Guide/client ratio: 1/3. Must be booked/paid in advance. Min group: 2 climbers/skiers. It’s really COOL! 

Day 9. Departure from the pass to the city. Excursion to the Pacific Ocean by dog sledding, city fish market.We leave Avachinsky pass and after a couple of hours of driving on a snowmobile and a car we drive up to the village, from which we go by dog sleds 6 km to the Pacific Ocean. Walk along the shore, black volcanic sand, the ocean! On the way back tea, snack and then visit the fish market in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Let’s buy delicacies! Free time. 

Day 10. Transfer to the airport. Flight home. 

The price includes: 

- transfer from/to the airport. 

- auto transport, all group transfers. 

- snowmobile (approach to the ski-tour area). 

- course of avalanche safety. 

- accommodation during entire program. 

- visiting the pool with thermal water. 

- ski guide, mountain guide of Mountain-Territory (ACC, Avalanch-1, Ski tour-1, member of RMGA), mountain rescue officers during entire program. 

- Avachinsky volcano, 2741m climb with a guide. 

- Vilyuchinsky volcano, 2173 m climb with a guide. 

- meals for the whole program (except for the evening of the 9th day and the morning of the 10th day). 

- excursion to the Pacific Ocean on dog sleds. 

The price doesn’t include: 

-air travel. 

-heli-ski day. It is paid separately, 44000 rubles / person (630 eur / person about). 


-personal equipment. 

-meals in the city (one day).

Attention! Heli-ski day is paid separately, reservation is made with 50% prepayment. 100% payment shall be made no later than 15 days before the start of the program.Heli-ski must be paid either by t/t or Paypal. Bank commission lays on a client’s side. With foreign citizens, a prepayment for the main program is not needed! (except for the day heli-ski)

Terms of refund for unfulfilled heli-ski day: 

-For groups that don’t fly to the skiing areas. In case of non-fulfillment of the day program, the money for the "uncompleted" program is returned in full; 

-Group-participant of the heli-ski day can insist and fly to the area of skiing against the recommendation of guides and in conditions of unstable weather. This decision is made jointly with the crew, taking into account the Rules and requirements of flight safety and a real weather forecast. In case of non-fulfillment of the program of such skiing in real weather conditions, security conditions, etc. refund is not provided

-Refund for uncompleted descents for other reasons (for example: a malfunction of the inventory, physical condition, late arrival or early return caused by the participant's fault) is not provided.Winter climb on volcanoes (Vilyuchinsky, Avachinsky, Koryaksky) is a complex exercise. Before the ascent the guide will give an assessment and recommendations to the members of the group regarding the climbing tactic etc. 

Depending on the weather conditions and snow conditions, the guide determines the days and places of the ski tour, and some adjustments are possible. Our task is to make sure that you can ski safely and make the most of it!! 

Heli-ski. Heli-ski day is spent at favorable weather in one of days 2-5. It is paid and booked separately and in advance. If you cancel the heli due to bad weather, the prepayment for the heli-ski is returned. 

Attention! In area №.2, Avachinsky Pass often has bad weather, so we foresee a reserve option (in case of strong winds), namely, in the event of bad weather, we spend 5-9 days in the Nachiki district, accommodation in a new base(hotel) *, a ski tour on the Gorelaya hill, Mirror, maybe the Vachkazhets volcano. At the same time, the surcharge will be 35 eur / person / day.To get to Kamchatka we recommend direct flight from Moscow made by Aeroflot every day . Round flight Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Moscow would cost 360 eurs about only.Visa. We support you to get Russian visa. Being an official tour operator we are able to submit travel voucher, contact us.


 - Days 1 - 5, area №.1: comfortable snow base "Snow Valley". Rooms for 4-5 people, beds are two-level. Shower and toilet are in the room. A restaurant. At your request, for an additional fee, you can book a double accommodation. 

- Days 5 - 9, area №.2: 8-beds lodge (arctic barrels), although they are at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, on the pass, in the snow, they are quite comfortable, cozy and warm, double-deck soft beds, wood stove heating - use it ourselves, sleep in sleeping bags. Separate dining room. Electricity in the evenings and in the afternoon upon request. The toilet is outside, cold. There is a shower. 

- Day 10: Night in the city. Hotel, double occupancy. The rooms have TV, shower, toilet. At your request, for an additional fee, we will book you a superior or deluxe room. 

* - Days 5 - 9, in case of bad weather, when there is no way to go to area №.2: the new base (hotel) Nachikinsky . Comfortable double rooms, TV, shower, toilet in the room. A restaurant. There is a swimming pool with hot thermal water. The surcharge will be 35 eur / person / day, in case of such circumstances. At your request, you can book deluxe or suite. 


 What’s the target group of the travel? What are the requirements to be met by the participants? 

Answer: Ski-tourists with experience of a ski tour from 10 days can take part in the program. You must be ready to make the ascents according to the program. Keep in mind, skinning/climbing is made slowly, in a comfortable mode. Tourist/ guide ratio: 6/1 Are the avalanches danger? 

Answer: Of course, we are in the mountains. But if you follow our guide’s advises the risks will be minimized and their effects will be avoided. Besides, a compulsory avalanche course will be provided on the second day of your travel. It is made by ski guide, approved by CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association), level Avalanch-1. All the travelers should have their avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels. If you don’t have those we could rent them out. 

What are the weather and snow conditions? 

Answer:  10.04-20.04.: No powder, but possibly hard snow. The temperature at the downhill in the afternoon can be above zero. Sometimes you can even sunbathe.  

Keep in mind that it’s an average detail. The weather is very unstable and vary from one year to another. 

What kind of meal is offered during the trip? 

Answer: 3 meals a day included into the program, but if you wish, in first half of the program (in “Snow Valley” base) you may get additional service in the restaurant (for additional payment). During long ski tour day, for example, when climbing, lunch is in the form of a snack on the route (hot tea, sandwiches, snacks). 

Will it be possible to charge gadgets? Will there be electricity? 

Answer: Yes, 220V sockets will be every day. In days 5 - 9 in the evenings only! 

Will there be mobile network coverage during the tour? 

Answer: Yes, the mobile network coverage will be almost everywhere, but not stable, on the mountain, where the freeride is held, it may not be at all. Operators: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, in some places can receive TELE2 signal. Internet in Kamchatka is slow. 

How is communication carried out in the mountains? 

Answer: We provide VHF radios, 1 station per 2 participants. However, if you have your own, we recommend that you take it.

That will we do in the days of bad weather? 

Answer: In the days of bad weather, we try to spend time interestingly and profitably, we hold mountain training classes, various master classes such as "save a comrade caught in an avalanche" and even dig a snow cave! 

List of required equipment


1. 20-40 liters backpack (for one-day trips) with the possibility to put the ski/snowboard on it. 

2. 50-80 liters duffle bag, preferably made of waterproof rubber cloth. For transporting personal belongings in the snowmobile. 

3. Sleeping bag for 4 nights in the lodge on the pass, area №.2 (provided, but you may take your own). 

Underwear and walking clothes 

1. 1st layer- thermal underwear (top, bottom), 2-3 sets. 

2. 2nd layer, fleece 200 (top, bottom). 

3. Trekking pants / trousers. 

4. Windproof pants, with a membrane. Full side zippered highly recommended. 

5. Windproof jacket with a membrane. 

Warm clothes

1. Light synthetic insulated jackets, preferably with a hood. 

2. Thick synthetic jacket or a down jacket with a hood. 


1. Medium socks, 2-3 pairs. 

2. Thick socks, 2 pairs. 

3. Warm winter boots. 

4. Ski boots / snowboard boots. 

5. Slippers for houses and a pool.


1. Thin gloves (wool / fleece) 1 pair. 

2. Warm gloves (for skiing) 1 pair. 

3. Mittens (required) 1 pair. 


1. Beanie wool/fleece. 

2. Light balaclava 

3. Sunglasses!!! 

4.Ski goggles!!! 

Special equipment 

1. Skis, split-board. 

2. The skins. 

3. Helmet. 

4. Telescopic ski poles. 

5. Crampons (to be adjusted in advance). They will be needed when climbing Avachinsky, Vilyuchinsky and probably Koryaksky volcanoes, available for rent. 

6. Ski crampons, preferably. 

7. Ice axe, available for rent. 

8. Avalanche equipment (transceiver, probe, shovel), available for rent. 

9. Harness (for Koryaksky volcano climbing). 


1. 0.7 / 1-liter thermos. 

2. Individual first-aid kit (obligatory: sunscreen lotion SPF 50 or above, sunscreen lip balm). 

3. Headlamp + extra batteries. 

4. Personal hygiene kit (towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush ...). 

5. Photo/video camera + charger. 

6. Swimming suit. 

Equipment for rent 

1. Avalanche: -avalanche transceiver: 60 eur / tour. 

 -snow shovel: 30 eur / tour. 

 - avalanche probe: 30 eur / tour. 

 Kit (transceiver, shovel, probe): 100 eur / tour. 

2. Crampons.: 30 eur / tour. 

3. Ice ax: 30 eur / program. 

4. Poles: 30 eur / program. 

5. Windproof jacket, breathable (membrane): 30 eur / program. 

6. Ski-tour kit (skis (Ski Trab Freerando) with mounts (Silvretta), skins, boots (42, 44 size): 150 eur / program.


Video from the freeride and skit program in April 2016 see below

Фрирайд, скитур и восхождения на вулканах Камчатки 2016

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