Climbing to Aconcagua (6962m.)

PRICE 2450 $/pers. 

Dates: 10 february - 2 march, 2019 

Duration: 20 days

Group of 5 people 

Our team: 

1.Kolunin Ruslan (Karpinsk) - guide, mountaineering instructor, mountain rescuer, 3-fold climber to  Aconcagua, 8-fold climber to Lenin Peak! Was also on the Khan-Tengri, Communism, Korzhenevskaya. 

2. Galiautdinov Fail (Zlatoust) - participant 

3. Ravidov Andrei (Novokuznetsk) - participant 

4. Chernenko Marina (Novokuznetsk) - participant 

Tour program: 

Day 1 - 09.02 Departure from Ekaterinburg and Moscow 

Day 2 - 10.02 Arrival in Santiago (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro) and flight (transfer) to Mendoza, overnight at the hotel 3* 

Day 3 - 11.02 Procurement of products and gas in Mendoza. Registration of a permit and rest in Mendoza. 

Day 4 - 12.02 Departure to the village. Puerto del Inka to the site of the ascent to Aconcagua. The hiring of mules for the transport of goods in the BL, the sorting of equipment and products. Overnight in the camping. 

Day 5 - 13.02 Transfer to the entrance to the National Park. Transfer to the Camp Confluence (3300 m). On the way (3 - 4 hours). The first day of the ascent. Night in the tent as in the following days. 

Day 6 - 14.02 Radial acclimatization exit under the South wall of Aconcagua to a height of 4200 m. To the Camp Plaza France and descent to Camp Confluence (3300 m). Night in the camp. 

Day 7 - 15.02 Early departure to the base camp of Plaza de Mulas (4300 m) 

Day 8 - 16.02 Day of rest and acclimatization. Preparation of equipment and products.

Day 9 - 17.02 Transfer to the camp of Canada (4850 m). Installation and equipping the camp. Overnight stay. 

Day 10 - 18.02 Transition from the camp of Canada (4850 m.) To the camp of Nido-de-Condores (5500 m). Night in the camp. 

Day 11 - 19.02 Descent to the Plaza de Mulas. Day of rest 

Day 12 - 20.02 Day of rest and preparation for the storming of the summit 

Day 13 - 21.02 Transfer to the camp of Nido-de-Condores (5500 m) 

Day 14 - 22.02 Transfer to the "Berlin" Assault Camp (6000 m) 

Day 15 - 23.02 Storming the summit of Aconcagua (6962 m) Descent to the camp of Nido de Condes

Day 16 - 24.02 Spare day for bad weather 

Day 17 - 25.02 Descent to the camp of the Plaza de Mulas (4300 m). 

Day 18 - 26.02 Descent to the entrance to the National Park and departure to Penitentes. Night at the hotel 

Day 19 - 27.02 Transfer to Mendoza. Overnight at the hotel 3 * 

Day 20 - 28.02 Departure from Mendoza via Santiago (via Buenos Aires) to Moscow or Yekaterinburg 

Day 20,21 - 1,2.03 Arrival in Moscow (Yekaterinburg) 

Included in the price: 

- hotel accommodation in Mendoza, in a double or triple room with breakfast - 3 nights

- Transfer Mendoza-Penitentes and back 

- Assistance in obtaining a permit for climbing Aconcagua 

- Hotel accommodation in Penitentes 2 nights, in a double or triple room with breakfast 

- Transfer to the entrance to the Aconcagua Amulea National Park for carrying loads (30 kg per person, 60 kg per mule, to the Base Camp (4350, Placa de Mulas) and down 20 kg per person)

The price does not include:

 - flight from Moscow to Mendoza

 - transfer to the airport / bus station Mendoza - hotel and back 

- Permit to climb the Aconcagua - from $ 600 (payment on the spot in the office of the Rangers in person) 

- food and accommodation on the ascent

- excursions and trips to Argentina and Chile, after the ascent 

- Medical insurance for climbing 

- personal equipment + tent, burner, pan 

Features of the tour: During the ascent we live in tents, we prepare ourselves on the burners centrally. The climb schedule is approximate and can vary depending on the group's well-being and weather. 

Individual equipment: 

- a mug, a bowl, a spoon, a knife; 

- thermos for tea; 

- comfort sleeping bag -20С; 

- Touristic mat; 

- a puff with a hood and a windproof jacket from "gortex"; 

- "Polar" jacket and pants; 

- Downy semi-overalls; 

- Thermal underwear; 

- Boots plastic or high-altitude; 

- leggings; 

- a sufficient number of socks; 

- warm gloves, mittens, mittens "tops"; 

- "balaklava" or mask - from wind and frost; 

- cats fitted to shoes; 

- ice ax; 

- ski or trekkingovye sticks; 

- sunglasses from the sun climbing (skiing); 

- backpack for equipment 60-90 liters; 

- flashlight, batteries; 

- hygienic lipstick, sunscreen;

- a hygienic package (toilet paper, toothbrush, etc.); 

- an individual first-aid kit (only if there are any of their diseases); 


 Photos from our trip to Aconcagua 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 see here 





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