Climbing on the volcanoes of Kamchatka or
ski tour and freeride


PRICE 81000 rub per person.

Dates: April 10 - 19, 2018

Duration: 10 days. 

Accommodation: Cottage, Hotels 

Group size: from 4 participants. 

Group for 2018: 

1) Kolunin Ruslan (Ekaterinburg) - guide, mountaineering instructor, mountain rescue officer. 

2) Galyautdinov Fail (Zlatoust) - participant. 

3) Safonov Ilya (Subpolar) - participant. 


DESCRIPTION: The main part of the tour takes place in two beautiful parts of Kamchatka, the Paratunka valley, at the foot of the Viluchinsky volcano and in the area of ​​"home" volcanoes, on Avachinsky pass, between Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes. After a one-day "warm-up" you will have to climb the volcano Vilyuchinsky, a drop of about 1500 m. After a short rest, climb the active volcano Avachinskaya volcano and the volcano Koryaksky. And if you want a little skiing or snowboarding, then this is welcome, you will have the opportunity to ride on the wild slopes of our volcanoes!During these 10 days you will have the skill of working in extreme conditions, knowledge about avalanches and experience in running a dog sled, feel the charm of swimming in the pool with thermal water after climbing the Vilyuchinsky volcano !. Ascend the active volcanoes and see the power of the ocean, ride and even be able to manage the dog sled. You will see Kamchatka in all its beauty! 

Day 1. (10.04) Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the area No. 1, under the volcano Vilyuchinsky, to the snow base "Snow Valley", 60 km by car. Accommodation in a comfortable base. Preparation, equipment check. Walk around the neighborhood. Swimming pool with thermal water, rest. 

Day 2. (11.04) Rise, "warming up" on the hill Hot, on the Verkhne-Paratunsky springs. We make an ascent to the summit and then descend to the wild hot springs. Night in the hotel "Snow Valley" 

Day 3. (12.04) Avalanche preparation, we carry out an avalanche course on the slopes of the Velkatnaya mountain, we use the cable crossing on the way (we practice the crossing of canyons), in the afternoon, in good weather, an excursion to the Vilyuchinsky volcano area, a 50 meter waterfall, rest . Early retreat, preparation for the ascent to the Vilyuchinsky Volcano. Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 4. (13.04) Ascent to the volcano Vilyuchinsky (2173 m) rest. Climbing takes from 8 to 12 hours. The height difference is 1500 m. From the top there is a view of the Pacific Ocean. Overnight in the hotel. In the first part of the program (1 - 4 days), you can swim every day in the pool with hot thermal water - it is a real pleasure after a day trip! 

Day 5. (14.04) Transfer to the Avachinsky pass. The whole day we will take the road. Preparation for the ascent. Night in the house. 

Day 6. (15.04) Ascent to the Avachinsky volcano (2741 m). We will rise to the crater of an active volcano and even descend into it, as conditions permit. You can see with your own eyes and feel all the power and beauty of these revenge. Night in the house. 

Day 7. (16.04) Day of rest and climbing the mountain "Camel". Today we are resting and preparing for the storming of the highest mountain from Domashny volcanoes - Koryaksky volcano. Night in the tent. 

Day 8. (17.04) Assault day. (Koryaksky volcano, 3456 m). Exit to the assault at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. Climbing takes 12-15 hours. He broke height of 2500 m. Night in the house. 

Day 9. (18.04) Departure from the pass to the city. Excursion to the Pacific Ocean by dog ​​sledding, Excursion to the Steller sea lion rookery (sea animals), city tour. Night in the city, hotel. 

Day 10. (19.04). Visiting the fish market. Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Moscow (Yekaterinburg). 

Included in cost: 

-Getting / seeing-off. 

-automotive transport. 

- Snowmobile (moving in a sled), excursions on a snowmobile. 

-Living: a house on the Avacha Pass, hotel "Snow Valley" (only 8 nights), hotel in the city (1 night).avalanche safety course. 

-Closing on Avachinsky volcano with a guide. 

- power on the active part of the program (1-9 days). 

- Chef for the active part of the program (1-9 days). 

-Settlement of the pool with thermal water (1-4 days). 

-Excursion to the Pacific Ocean on dog sleds. 

The price does not include: 

- Air flight. 


- Rent of equipment (if necessary). 

-alcohol drink. 

- food on days 9, 10, (in the city). 

Features of the tour: In any of the days of the program, if you are tired or feel bad, you can stay and spend this day without active rest, bathing in hot springs or walking along the outskirts of Avachinsky pass. 

Attention! In Area № 2, Avacha Pass often has bad weather, so we foresee a reserve option (in case of strong winds), namely, in the case of bad weather, we spend 5-9 days in the Nachiki district, staying in a new sanatorium *, climbing the Gorelyaya hill, Mirror, perhaps the volcano Vachkazhets. At the same time, the surcharge will be 2000 rubles / person / day. 

Payment for participation in the program: For the reservation of participation in the program it is necessary to make an advance payment of 20,000 rubles. The final settlement is made on the day of arrival to Kamchatka. If you refuse to participate in the program in less than 2 months, the prepayment is not refundable.  Foreign citizens do not need prepayment! 

List of necessary equipment. 


1. Backpack 60 liters. 

2.Baul / suitcase / luggage bag 50-80 l, preferably rubberized. To carry personal items on a snowmobile. 

3. 3. Sleeping bag. 


1.1 layer, thermal underwear (top, bottom). 

2.Sweater or fleece. 

3. Pants / trousers (trekking). You can wear jeans. 

4.Easy windbreaker (recommended). 

5.Penture windproof. 

6. Jacket-windbreaker. 


1.The jacket is light on synthetic insulation, preferably with a hood. 

2. A thick synthetic jacket or feather with a hood. 

3.Pants warm, you can ski. 

4. Socks average, 2 pairs. 

5. Socks thick, 2 pairs. 

6. Winter warm boots (trekking) 

7. Gammash (shoe covers) for boots, not necessarily, but desirable. 

8. Gloves are thin (wool / fleece) 1 pair. 

9. Warmers (ski boots) 1 pair. 

10.Rukovitsy, 1 pair. 


1. A sports cap. 

2. Cap / panama / bandana (neck scarf) 

3.Points are sun-protective !!! 

4.Points skiing! 

Special equipment: 

1. Felt telescopes (available at the box office). 

2. Crampons, ice ax. 

3. Snowshoes (available at the box office) 

4. Boot, 3 carbines, zhumar, release device, helmet, 2 mustache self-insurances. 


1. Swimwear. 

2. Thermos 0.7 / 1 liters. 

3.Individualny first-aid kit (always !!! cream of the sun F 50 and above, protective lipstick). 

4. Lantern headlamp + spare batteries. 

5. Personal hygiene items (towel, soap, paste, brush ...). 

6.Photo camera / video camera + charging. 

Equipment for rent: 

1. Snowshoes: 1000 rubles / program. 

2. Sticks: 500 rubles / program. 

3. Windproof jacket, breathable (membrane): 800 rubles / program.  


Photos from our trip to Kamchatka in April 2016 and 2017 look here 

Video with freeride and skitur program in April 2016 together with the climbing program see below

Фрирайд, скитур и восхождения на вулканах Камчатки 2016

Обработка видео...




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